Remembering SP Nagesh

SP Nagesh, Co-founder of Samarthanam Trust and Founder President for CABI, was the major drive behind initiating Blind Cricket and promoting the game. He was a cricket enthusiast and committed towards taking cricket to greater levels. His dedication towards popularizing Blind Cricket was remarkable. CABI will long remember his efforts put towards encouraging cricket for the visually impaired and the plethora of tournaments organized under his administration.

Under CABI’s administration, Indian team hoisted the winning trophy in the India-Pakistan series 2012, First ever T-20 World Cup tournament 2012, 4th One Day International World Cup Championship in Cape Town, South Africa 2014 and First ever T-20 Asia Cup 2016. India is the only country which has the record of being champions in all the international formats.

CABI was formed with an objective to use competitive cricket to enable the visually impaired look at life positively, gain confidence and strive to be winners and to broaden their outlook by travelling across the country and abroad. It gives them a chance to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds and use the game as a platform to showcase their ability and talent.