Registered 14 participants across India for Training Camp & it starts 30th April until 9th May

CABI is in the process of providing a significant & sustainable platform for promising youngsters in the field of blind cricket. In order to do so, we are in the process of providing them necessary coaching by conducting training camps. Along with the cricket training, we have also planned to give them training on soft skills, like skills & basic computer skills which will make them employable.

Allergan Youth Adult Cricket Coaching Camp - AGENDA

Time Schedule of Events
6.00-7.00 Yoga Session
7.00-8.00 Two Batches - Gym/Fitness Session
8.00-8.30 Breakfast
8.30-9.00 Travel to STP Ground
9.00-12.30 Cricket Coaching Camp
12.30-1.00 Travel to Samarthanam HSR
1.00-3.30 Freshen up/Lunch
4.00-6.00 Skilling
6.00-6.30 Tea Break
6.30-7.30 Library
7.30-8.00 Motivational Session
8.00-9.00 Dinner
State No.of Participents
Tamil Nadu 7
Pondicherry 6
Andhra 6
Kerala 7
Karnataka 12
Telangana 7
MP 7
Jharkhand 7

This entire initiative is supported by ALLERGAN