Weekly Report of Training Camp for the Players of Indian Cricket Team for the Blind for the 5th ODI World Cup for the Blind, 2018 Supported by BookASmile

The Training Camp continued from 15th onwards till 22nd at Gopalan Grounds-Avalahalli.
Every day morning , the players gathered at 5.00 am at Gopalan Sports Complex Cricket Ground. The day started off with Yoga sessions which were conducted by Shri Prakash Guruji and Shri Raju from Pathanjali Organisation. The players were taught on Pranayama, Surya Namskar and other Yoga Asanas, followed by breathing techniques, concentration and meditation.
They had a warm up session for the first one hour followed by exercise. After a brief breakfast gap, the players had practicing net sessions. Mr.David- Coach, Mr.Saju Kumar-Asst Coach and Mr.Chandrashekhar –Manager of the Indian Team guided them on batting techniques.After Lunch, the teams were divided into two groups and a 10 overs match was played among the players. The preference of playing was given to B1 Category players both in batting and bowling. In the evening again the players had relaxing sessions. This includes bare foot walking on the grass, foot massaging, and body relaxation.

On 12th Dec’17, the players attended a function organized by Bangalore Cricket Guild BCG. The Indian Captain Ajay reddy inaugurated the function and also gave winners trophy. All CABI players were felicitated at this function.

On 17th players had a water therapy session at HSR Club swimming pool. This sessions included walking exercise in the water, swimming and water jet therapy for hand, leg and back.

This week had a England Main stream cricket player Mr.Justin hollingsworth and Mr.Ross Hunter from NATWEST Club. They coached the Indian team mainly bowlers on bowling techniques. Mr.Ajay and Mr.Golu said that they had learnt a great amount of bouncing the balls while bowling because of the techniques what they learnt from these two players.

On Media side, the players were interviewed by Press-Prajavani, Deccan Herald, Bangalore Mirror, Deccan Chronicle. On Electrnic Media the players were interviwed by DD Sports and CNN-IBN News.